Educational Childcare for Infants & Children in Round Lake, Illinois

Rely on the childcare service providers at Tender Tykes Daycare Inc. in Round Lake, Illinois, to teach your children the necessary skills and behavior needed in life through our preschool programs.

We also provide pickup and drop-off services to accommodate your schedule and are skilled at working with infants with special needs.

Programs for Infants & Toddlers
Our full-day program for infants 6 weeks old through pre-K, is tried and proven to provide results. Your infant will be well cared for with timely feedings and diaper changes to an exercise program readying their legs for that all-important first step. When your young one is ready, they experience arts and crafts, circle time, and indoor/outdoor play.

Our Teaching Preschool Program
Our teachers sit down with the children as a group for circle time where we sing songs about the alphabet, the days of the week, the weather, or colors and shapes. We also read stories and complete puzzles, while preparing each child for kindergarten. Each individual child will be brought along at their pace and never pushed.

Nutritious Meals
Our home provides nutritious meals for your child including both hot and cold food items. For breakfast, we usually eat cereal, pancakes, waffles, toast with jelly, or muffins. At lunchtime, we serve sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, or pasta dishes etc.. Our dinner items include spaghetti, chicken nuggets, meatballs, pizza, etc. and snacks are served at midday.

Early Dismissals & Off Days
When your child's school has an early dismissal or teacher planning day, we are available to welcome your child to a full day of activities.
In the summertime, we are available for full days to show your child a great time with local fieldtrips, picnics, or just a nice place to play in our safe, secure play area.

Contact us for any additional peace of mind you need regarding our childcare services.